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The Family’s Secrets

Secret and Lies Book 4

Rylie Love and Shauna Volkov have been kidnapped. Erin Jefferies and Fi-Fi Murphy work with CIA Agent Tomas Ramirez to bring Rylie and Shauna home.

Once everyone safe in Washington D.C., Tomas warns Patrick Love there is a mole in The Family. Tomas doesn’t know who the mole is but knows he or she wants to ruin The Family.  Now The Family members have to work together to find the mole.

The mole knows who to target, how to get to them, and knows all The Family’s secrets.


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Secret Remorse

Secret  and Lies Book Three

Relationships are hard.

Relationships arranged by your Family are difficult.

Relationships with secrets are impossible.

Shauna Daly is the lead apt developer for the world’s largest communication company, Kinsman Commination. Shauna loves her job and does your Family duty without argument until she is asked to meet Maks Volkov. Maks is the curator of the Philadelphia Natural history museum and is also fulling his family duty.

Maks and Shauna’s first meeting was a disaster ending in vows of never seeing each other again. After many apologies, by Maks and promises to do better Shauna gives him one last chance. Shauna knows Maks is keeping a secret, what she doesn’t know is the secret could destroy their relationship and her Family.


Secret Revenge

Secret and Lies Book Two

How well do you know the people in your life?

Is everyone as they appear or do they live secret lives?

Lena Miller is about to find out that no one in her life is as they appear.

Lena was returning to life as she knew it after grieving the loss of her mother.

She has a great job at a local resort that she loves (most of the time) and friends who love and treat her like family.

That all changes when the resort is sold and a familiar stranger enters her life; changing everything she ever thought she knew about herself, her family, and her friends.

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A Secret To Kill For 
Secrets and Lies  Book One



Winner of a 5 Star Reader's Favorite Review


Secrets can ruin lives, break bonds, and destroy families.
Some secrets are so important they are worth killing for.
Erin has everything she ever wanted, her dream job as an FBI agent like her father and grandfather, assisting the lead agent in a headline-catching serial murder case, and a boyfriend who loves her.
Until she lost eve
rything. The boyfriend, the journalist who she thought loved her, lied on a story causing Erin to lose everything she worked for.
After rebuilding her life in a quaint mountain town in Colorado, Erin learns her family has a dark secret she was never supposed to learn.
The Messenger?
The serial murderer she was hunting.


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