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Meet The Characters

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Erin Murphy

Is a 30 year old five foot-six inch, one hundred and twenty pound fiery redhead from Washington D.C. She has worked her whole life to become an FBI agent. Her dream has always been to follow in her father and grandfather’s footsteps.

Five years ago she graduated from Quantico and was assigned to work at the Hoover building with the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) with her new BFF Ophelia (Fi-Fi) Shaw.

Erin’s mother owns and operates her family’s bakery, Sullivan’s Bakery (recently voted best baked goods in George Town) selling traditional baked goods along with Irish baked goods.

Erin’s younger brother Cain moved to California to attend Stanford where he graduated with a master’s in computer science. He currently works for a large computer company in Silicon Valley.

Last year Erin met the love of her life, Bane Daniels, a journalist for DC News. They met at a fundraiser hosted by a Fi-Fi’s parents.

Ophelia Shaw

Is a Thirty one year old brunette with a body that would put most pinup girls to shame. With legs to her chin, large brown doe eyes, pouty pink lips, and a small button nose. Rather than wearing outfits that would showcase her curves Ophelia or Fi-Fi as she prefers to be called, she is a tom boy preferring to wear jeans, converse, and t-shirts.

After attending college at George Town, where her parents teach English, Fi-Fi announced she wanted to join the FBI. Her parents were disappointed she did not want to follow in their paths like her two siblings, an English professor at NYU and a graduate student majoring in Art History at Harvard. But when Fi-Fi graduated first in her class at Quantico, they couldn’t be more proud of her.

After graduating Quantico, Fi-Fi was assigned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) at the Hoover building in Washington DC. While they were assigned to different partners but after a few years, they were finally partnered together.

The one thing Fi-Fi is not lucky in is love. While her best friend was able to find the lover of her life at one of her parent's fund raisers, Fi-Fi is in love with a man she can’t have, Erin’s brother Cain.

Cain Murphy

Is a cocky, smart mouth, twenty-eight year old with reddish brown hair and matching beard, brown eyes, and chiseled muscular body. After high school, Cain ran hard and fast from Washington DC to California to attend Stanford’s computer science program to escape his mother’s meddling ways and his father’s ridicules rules.

Cain believes he’s god’s gift to women, loving a new one every night. Until he returned to DC for his sister’s, Erin, graduation from Quantico and meet women, he has been looking for. Refusing to move back to DC Cain returns to California and his old ways sleeping with a new woman every night, expect the one he really wants.

Landon Jefferies

Is a Thirty-Five year old, six foot five inch, alpha mountain man, with short brown hair, trim bread, and ghostly blue eyes. Who prefers jeans and thermal shirts to a suite and tie.

After graduating with a MBA from CU Denver Landon moved back home to Moose Valley. To help his father and mother with the family business, camping/sporting goods store. It years to get his father to agree but Landon with the help of her younger brothers, Edwin and Royce got his father to add mountain tours and camping trips to their business.

Last year after a heart attack Landon’s father retired leaving Landon in charge of the business. Putting the rest of his life on hold Landon focuses on the business ensuring the livelihood of his family.

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