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Secret Revenge Meet the Characters

Lena Miller

Is a 25, five-foot five-inch raven-haired beauty with porcelain skin and chocolate brown eyes. Lena was born and raised in Bar Harbor, Maine by a single mom. Lena’s father died before she was born and her mother died six months ago after a long battle with cancer. Luckily she has a few good friends that help fill the whole. Martin was her mother’s professor, boss, and friend. Willow Thomas and Lena became friends after Willow started working at the Resort Inn as a massage therapist.

Professional Lena is where she wants to be, the front desk manager at the Resort Inn. She started working there when she was fifteen to help her mother pay bills. Starting in the restaurant as a part-time server she worked her way through housekeeping and spa clerk. After attending college for a degree in hospitality management, she returned to the Resort Inn as a manager.

She puts on a brave face when she leaves her home, but when she is alone, she breaks down and cries. She’s tired of being alone for once she wants someone to take care of her.

Patrick Love

Patrick is a 31-year-old with mocha skin, golden brown eyes, broad shoulders and a muscular chest, a chiseled jaw. As a young, determined CEO Patrick has women falling at his feet, but not the one he wants.

Patrick was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Alexandra, Virginia. Patrick was adopted into a loving family as a baby, by Quinn and Brianna Love. He has an older, Liam a younger brother, Dylan and a younger sister, Rylie. His father is a Supreme Court Justice while his mother was a stay at home mom.

While working towards his MBA Patrick developed the Kindred Corporation specializing in buying and saving failing businesses. Using money from his trust fund, Patrick bought his first failing business within two years the business was a fortune 500 company. That is how he finds himself in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dylan Love

Like his older brother, Patrick Dylan was adopted by Quinn and Brianna Love. At twenty-nine, Dylan knows he’s what women want, tall, a sculpted body covered with olive color skin. He’s charming with just enough cockiness to make women think they can tame him. But he has no inclination to change.

After he received a degree in finance, his brother Patrick asked him to be the CFO of Kindred Corp, the company Patrick founded while studying for his MBA. Patrick convened Dylan to use his charms for something other than getting in girls pants. Together they have built a fortune one hundred company.

Rylie Love

Rylie is a 23-year old spunky law student at George Town. Like her older brothers, Patrick and Dylan she was adopted by Quinn and Brianna Love. Rylie plans on following in her father’s footsteps and become a Supreme Court justice.

Samuel Walsh

At fifty-five he is in the prime of his life. After practicing law for a few years Samuel followed in his father's footsteps he became the Congressman of Virginia, and now he has his eye set on the Presidents. Samuel has everything he ever wanted except for the one thing he lost years ago.

Samuel is a man of many talents, one is rowing which keeps him in perfect physical health and helps to keep him looking young. The only hint of his age is the gray beginning to show around his temples.

Willow Thomas

At 30 years old, Willow looks no older than twenty. She has large gray eyes, blond hair and a body to die for. Willow was born in Washington D.C. but moved to Bar Harbor, Maine with her mom shortly after her fifth birthday. While Lena’s mother and Willows were friends, the girls did not become friends until after Willow started to work at the Resort Inn.

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